How It Works

Sending every order to our customers, we know exactly how it feels: anxiety, a wish to see perfection, and pleasure.

It is similar to getting presents: you never know what is inside of a nicely wrapped box, but you always hold your breath before untying that pretty ribbon.

Let us show you how we prepare your “present” before you get it:

Considering your likes and dislikes

When you turn to us for help, we ask you to fill out the order form, so that we know what you are expecting to get, what exactly your custom essay should be like.

You put in all the specific details and instructions on your order and we start our magic.

Just like a friend torturing his/her mind on what to give you for your birthday, we start thinking of the information to include in your custom essay. Besides following your initial instructions, we work on your custom essay's rarity and uniqueness.

Seeking out the best manufacturer

Just like millions of parents wanting the best for their babies, like car owners who want the best petrol and oil for their automobiles, we strive for the best custom essays so you will get an A+!

We will find the best writer to fit your custom essay's requirements. He/she will work on your paper and produce an appropriate, grammatically correct custom essay.

We care about your reputation, so does the writer working on your custom essay!

See if you like what we like

Pretty often, when choosing a present, we try to buy things that we like too. Among thousands of goods, you will choose the one that suits your taste better.

That's what we do. A custom essay will not be delivered to you until we like it. For that, we check if it meets the requirements and follows the initial instructions given. Then, staff editors will proofread and edit it to eliminate any possible slips in grammar, punctuation, citation style, etc.

Still, not the end: we shall deliver your custom essay along with a FREE plagiarism report so that you know the present is unique and no one else has the same one!

To put this simply, your custom essay goes through a three-stage process.

This works not only for custom essays. We offer the widest range of writing services - from simple articles, custom essays, custom term papers up to dissertations and editing services. So, what do you need? Quality and top confidentiality guaranteed!

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