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Report Writing Format Made Easy

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Report Writing is a common feature of academic life. Writing the report is by itself tough on students, which is made even more difficult, when the concept of report writing format is not understood. The content of the report may be excellent, but loses its shine, when the report writing format is poor. Read on and clearly understand report writing format.

Easy steps in report writing format

Report writing formatting styles of MLA, APA, Harvard, and the like are frequently encountered by students and the subtle variations in the formatting styles may be the cause of confusion among students. Report writing format is much simpler to understand and follow by using a few generalized steps as given below:

  • Title Page – The format for report writing starts with a title page on a separate page, and includes the name and date of the author of the report. The title should be clear, succinct, and easily understood.
  • Summary or Abstract –  In the format for report writing, the summary or abstract is written as a separate part of the report and briefly tells the reader what the report contains. The summary or abstract is usually approximately 300 words in length.
  • Introduction – In the format for report writing the introduction plays the role of introducing the topic or issue of the report to the reader. It also plays the role of justifying the requirement for such a report.
  • The Main Body – The main body constitutes the essence of the report. Report writing format requires that the main body be divided into logical sub-divisions with a suitable numbered sub-heading. There should be flow in the presentation of information, or arguments, or line of thinking in the main body.
  • Conclusions – In the format for report writing the conclusion sums up all the finding or inferences in the main text in clear and well defined terms.
  • Recommendations – Many students err in believing that the conclusion is final part of the report in the report writing format. Including recommendations in the report writing format provides the reader with evaluating the ability of the author to give the topic or issue a future perspective.
  • Acknowledgements – This part of the report writing format is not a must. It need be included only when the author feels deeply indebted to another individual or individuals in the development of the report.
  • References and Bibliography – Another confusing issue for students. A simple manner in differencing the two in the report writing format is to look at references as those publications that have been used to write the report and the bibliography as those publications that have been read, but used as such in writing the report. 
  • Appendix – The appendix in the format for report writing is where any details like tables and charts that are useful, but tend to clutter the report are to put.

These nine steps make report writing format easy to understand and follow.

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