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Parts of Dissertation Synopsis: Information to Consider

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A dissertation synopsis is in other terms referred to as a dissertation abstract. A dissertation is incomplete without a dissertation synopsis. Students may not understand just how important a dissertation abstract is and therefore they may not pay much attention to it. A dissertation synopsis is in simple terms a summary of the dissertation.

Besides that, it gives the readers a glimpse of what the dissertation is all about. Note that not many readers can read through the entire dissertation given its length. Instructors especially use the dissertation abstract to gauge whether or not the student has done the correct thing.

What should a dissertation synopsis contain?

Components of a dissertation synopsis

  • Dissertation purpose

Writing a dissertation synopsis requires the student to briefly mention the purpose of the dissertation. Is the dissertation meant to add knowledge to the existing literature? Is it supposed to refute claims made by a prior research study? The purpose should be clear and concise.

  • Population and sample

The dissertation synopsis should mention the target population on which the study is carried and the sample as well as the sampling techniques used in the study.

  • The methodology

The dissertation synopsis is supposed to contain a brief mention of the research design, data collection methods and instruments, data analysis and data reporting techniques.

  • Results/findings

Writing a dissertation synopsis should include a brief statement of the results obtained from the data collection and analysis.

  • Conclusion

The dissertation synopsis should state briefly the conclusion and implications made from the entire study.

A dissertation synopsis is a short summary of the entire dissertation and therefore it should not be more than one page long. This requires students to have strong summarization skills.

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