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Dissertation Examples: Why Internet Examples Will Not Help You

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In most of the cases, if a person is looking for dissertation examples on the internet, it means that such person is not ready yet to write a dissertation. Many will argue that they were merely looking for dissertation examples to learn about the format, the structure, title pages, etc. My answer is that you should have learned these things already. In that regard, the following short article will make an attempt to tell you why you should not rely on dissertation examples from the internet.

The first reason lies in the fact that each university might have special requirements and formats specific for them, and which might vary from the dissertation examples you will encounter on the internet. Common rules of format and citation might be unified, such as APA, MLA, and others, but nevertheless, the dissertation examples most likely will be tailored to specific universities’ formats.

Another reason might stem from the fact that many people looking for dissertation examples might overlook the fact that these examples have specific geographical attachments. Such information might not be apparent, but nevertheless, an English dissertation example from Germany would not serve you any good in any of the criteria of dissertation example in the first place.

Finally, and what is most important, all of the information can be found in the dissertation examples provided by YOUR university. The amount of materials provided by the university covers all the aspects that might be found in dissertation examples and more. What is more important, these materials will fully correspond to the requirements set by the university, an aspect that dissertation examples cannot provide.

In conclusion, stick to the requirements of your university, which does its best to provide you with a baggage of knowledge, far beyond the contents of a dissertation example. At the same time, if you are interested in knowing what dissertations look like in Sweden, searching for dissertation examples is your choice.

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